Family and photographs are something that are synonymous. In July my father passed away and my mother in 1999…so all I have left of them is my memories and photographs. My grandma recently turned 99 and I had to share the photos with the world. She is a tiny little thing, under 5 ft. She is full of energy and is very sharp mentally. Every holiday I spend with her and take pictures. It could be her last, or it could be mine, you never know what your path is in life. So even though I am sure she’ll live to 120 years old…I treat each day and each visit with her as a gift.


I always make sure I get a picture with her since I am usually behind the camera too.

IMG_7006webDon’t wait until you lose weight or you have a better outfit on. Take family pictures, be in pictures, preserve memories, write them down, and remember them often. Now we need to start planning her BIG 100th celebration!!! I think I’ll hire a photographer for that.


Another Throwback Thursday Post. This time it is this lovely family. I know them because mom, Lisa, works at the YMCA where I workout (though I have been scarce lately). My lack of being present at the Y is probably why I had no idea that this beautiful family is moving. AAAAAH!!! Anyway…this post was planned before I knew they were moving…but it brings tears to my eyes knowing that this was probably my last year photographing them.

Through the first year of sweet Mila’s life and her first holiday season in 2013.


Then in 2014 when no one knew that there was another baby on the way.


To this past year, 2015, with their sweet little boy’s first holiday season.


Sheafer family you will be missed. I’m glad I got to know you and your super sweet kids and it has been amazing to see your family grow through the years. Safe travels and may your future be nothing except amazing!!!


So I have this amazing friend, Jamie. She brings be along to a lot of sessions of hers so I can help her (you know…carry the heavy stuff…just kidding). Well, sometimes she lets me shoot and she lets me post them too. So this family we have been photographing since their daughter was new to the world…and now they have a little boy too. This family likes more natural looking in their environment photography. This is also known as lifestyle photography. This was the calmest lifestyle newborn shoot. We had tea parties. Sang songs. Lots of giggles and stories told. This family loves the heck out of their kids and it completely shows in all the images.

So here is my girl Jamie from Jamielauren Studios

Lifestyle Newborn 10


Lifestyle Newborn 1Lifestyle Newborn 2Lifestyle Newborn 3Lifestyle Newborn 4Lifestyle Newborn 5Lifestyle Newborn 6Lifestyle Newborn 7Lifestyle Newborn 8Lifestyle Newborn 9

I think Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are one of my favorites now. Message me and I will let you know what my current special is for a session.


This is the first installment in my Throwback Thursday posts. My business is turning 6 years old this April and I have had a bunch of families I have watched grow over the years. The first family I am highlight is my friend Kim’s family. My friend, Kim, and I met through this amazing local newborn/mommy group in Boca Raton called Nurturing Your Newborn. I am not sure Kim knows this but she was my first paid client…way before I ever should have gone into business (but that’s a story for another blog post or 10).  Our sons are born a week apart and have been great friends since birth.

These first two shots are from Kim’s Newborn Session for her youngest, Carter. I think the Carter was 5 weeks old and her old son Tyler was 3.


Next up…here is an image of Carter and my son, Jackson, who were born a week apart…and Kim and I did first year pictures of them. You may remember them from this lost blog post. These pictures were at a park on Lyons and Palmetto in Boca Raton, FL.

IMG_5444Then we did family pictures for the holidays for several year. I love family pictures and all the locations we have used. This picture was at the same part on Palmetto and Lyons.



This image was at Quietwaters Park in Deerfield Beach, FL.


This next image was taken in my back yard in Boynton Beach, FL.

0S7A4401Lastly, this year we did my studio set up. Time was running short. I didn’t do family pictures either…so we did pajama and cookies and milk. Super cute!!!

0S7A9564It is amazing how time has flown by. The kids have grown up so much!!! Well I hope you have enjoyed the Throwback Thursday post of Carter and Tyler through the years. I have at least a couple months worth of Throwback Thursdays that I plan to do. Hope you’ll check back every week.




I am definitely trying my best to catch up with my blogging of sessions. There are so many great ones that I haven’t shared. Like this session….from August 2015. Another repeat client…back with surfer baby #2. If you remember them from back 3 years ago…see surfer baby #1 HERE. Now big sister, Malia, welcomed her little brother, Kane. Mom and Dad are surfers and wanted to do a surf board image with Kane. Kane was a super chilled out baby…but was extremely awake. I didn’t mind though, he had beautiful eyes.  Enjoy the images of surfer baby #2, Kane, one month old.


surfer baby1surfer baby 2surfer baby 3surfer baby 4surfer baby 5surfer baby 7surfer baby 8surfer baby 9

F a c e b o o k